Caleb, my world famous rockstar. The lead guitarist in a band he founded in high school. Responsible for many a left handed, messy, chicken scrawl autograph.

His outfit of choice? Faded denim jeans and a black tee, paired with scruffy black boots that should have been replaced years ago!

Quiet, with a smile that reveals dimples, Caleb is a man of his word. He keeps secrets confided to him, without question. His eyes are the colour of warm caramel, and when he looks at you, it is like he is really seeing you, the real you.

He is an active…

We all have something painful in our past, something that we hide from the outside world, something we squash deep down inside. For my main character, Caleb, it is the very sudden and unexpected loss of his brother, his best friend.

It is a pain that renders him incapable of living. Cutting off all contact with those that care about him, ceasing work, he has become a shadow of himself, merely sleepwalking through the day. …

Apart from a select few, most of my novels are set in Australia’s harsh outback, a vibrant swirl of colours and cultures, or in Australia’s small country towns, a tightknit backdrop woven with secrets and complexities.

What makes these locations special? Why do I keep coming back to them time and time again?

I spent my childhood in a small country town, population 1,428. You can imagine my shock then, when at 13 we moved to one of Australia’s busiest cities, population 2.28 million. …

Kathleen Ryder

Proud Mum + Foster Mum | Published Author of Women’s Fiction + Romance | |

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